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I know, I know, I included these down leg warmers in a post last month, but they are so good that I needed to create a post devoted solely to them. As I mentioned before, a good friend gave them to me saying that “they were so me.” And she was so right — they are so me — anything that shimmer and shines I love (metallic, sparkle, sequin) AND they are practical and useful (I am one of those devoted sneaker wearers because heels are not practical). Since New York is freezing cold in the winter and I continue to run outside in the winter months, these leg warmers are a game changer. This past week, in 22 degrees (where it actually felt more like 13 degrees), these leg warmers kept me toasty warm. I never feel cold when I am wearing them! So if anyone is a runner in the cold weather and wants to be warmer — these are a must. A MUST.


Yep, down leg warmers. They literally make your (almost) naked legs feel so toasty and warm!

The side view. They have an adjustable toggle which allows you to adjust sizing. You can wear them to your knees or more slouchy down — there is no rule for this type of style! Just to own it.

What I look like when I run outside in 22 degrees: a double down jacket, hat, gloves, and the leg warmers. The leg warmers are the game changers.


They are truly a blast from the past but with a modern twist! Perfect for the slopes, city streets and running around town. You can find them here on sale right now at shopbop! A great purchase for the remainder of the winter and many winters to come. And thank you dear Jaimee for the gift that keeps on giving and making me so happy each and every run — love you loads.

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