Battle! Hip Hop! Met Museum

This past Friday, a friend invited me and the kids to join her and her daughters to see a Battle of Hip Hop dancers inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And holy smokes — it was amazing. Riveting. Exciting. Enchanting. Incredible. Ridiculous. One of my all time favorite activities I have ever done. Period.


First of all, I love street dancing and hip hop so much — always have — and this was a performance of an urban dance organization “Dancing in the Streets” of the South Bronx. They have perfected a series of dance battles, which are now held inside The Met’s Arms and Armor department — truly remarkable — both the location of the performance and the performance itself. The freestyle dancers wore armor, battled between each other, and gave an amazing show. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to attend this event (and for free!) and the kids were mesmerized and in awe of the whole show.



The girls walking to the show.


As it has had great turn out, The Met keeps on extending their show run — great for you all who live in NYC and haven’t heard of it yet. It takes place on Fridays (the next are February 8, March 22, April 12 and June 7) between 5 and 8 pm. The performance itself is 45 minutes long, and they repeat each show at 5 / 6 / 7 pm. The Met staff was super helpful in getting the kids to the front row (we arrived right at 5 pm — MISTAKE — get their much much earlier!), although us adults had a harder time seeing it.




We can’t stop talking about Friday’s performance and as a result are already planning on going back next month. I can’t wait to go back — and same with my kids. I loved every bit of it — and it is not just for kids — the man next to me was in his 80s. I asked him if he came to The Met just for the performance and he said yes and that he saw them perform before. It made me so happy seeing how this performance brought not only me so much joy, or the kids, but also this older man. I would not necessarily bring young kids to it — my kids’ age was perfect (6 and 9) as it is somewhat violent and very loud.


I can’t wait to go back and have a front row seating so I can see it from a different perspective.

Unbelievable talent. I love them. Oh so much.


Do not miss out the opportunity to see this incredible dance group in a truly one of a kind setting. The Met Museum! Battle of Hip Hops in Armor!!!

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