Palm Springs January 2019

In my last overly-personal-post, here is my round up of pictures on our second week of vacation in Palm Springs, California. Thank you in advance for looking at the photos and learning more about Palm Springs — and I promise you that next week, we will be back to NORMAL posts that are not overly personal or sappy……After Sunriver, we decided to spend a week with our best friends from Stanford (who live in San Francisco) somewhere warm(ish), so we picked Palm Springs. I actually spent time in Palm Springs growing up as my childhood best friend’s parents had a home there, so I had fond memories. Although NOT warm this year, we had a wonderful time exploring a new place for the family and quality time with our friends — they are friends that are family, where they  know you so well (that they can give you unsolicited feedback) and will always be close to us despite the fact we live on different coasts.


Palm Springs is really retro and is a serious throwback to older times. We had amazing meals, all arranged by our friends (who did the research and reservations — thank you!).

Our favorite meals were at Birba, Jake’s, Elmers, Las Caseulas and Palm Greens. Yes, we did a lot of eating, and all of it was delicious. Additionally, we explored outside and tried to be somewhat active!


On New Year’s Eve Day, we went to Joshua Tree, despite the government shut down, the park was still open at that time. It was INCREDIBLY cold — 36 degrees, and I was completely unprepared, but I wanted my family to see the beauty. I have great memories of being at Joshua Tree during my college days (not far away from Palm Springs). We did not go on a substantial hike (we did small “walks”) but I am so glad we were able to go.

Do I blend in?

Thanks to our friends, we borrowed all their warm clothes….

Freezing, but happy.

The best family photo we could get…which is better than nothing.


We also had some pool time (pretending that it was way warmer than reality), nice other little hikes, and horseback riding!


My little buttercup

Growing up…..

But they still kinda / maybe /sorta like each other……

Forever my baby.

Horseback riding.

Sunset gazing.

Always colorfully dressed.

The view from our house.

Cactus and a tush.

Lounging and relaxing.


Thanks to our soul sister and brother and their kids for a rejuvenating, laughter filled, fun loving week. Thanks to California for always shining and being a state we love so dearly. Thanks to the kids for being flexible with all the traveling and plane rides. Thanks readers for letting me indulge with pictures of the past two weeks….and NOW, back to normal Josie Girl Blog content — 2019, it’s going to be a great year. xoxox

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Awe, glad it was such fun! Next time we’ll coordinate visits. Lol Elmer’s is here too and so yummy! And Las Casuelas is where Nana and Papa took us for my birthday dinner each year. There is so much good food there but with littles, we almost always eat in now.

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