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Maybe it’s because my kids didn’t go back to school until January 8th, but it feels CRAZY and BIZARRE that here we are in MID JANUARY. How in the world did that happen? I can’t believe how fast time flies these days. So here is what I am currently loving January 2018! And as always, do share with me (as so many of you do) what are you are currently loving.


1. Super Soul Sunday Podcast



Turned on to me by my biffle, I have not been able to do anything BESIDES listen to Oprah and her podcasts. They are perfect while I wait at the doctors office, walk the 30 blocks to school pick up, or just listen to as I prepare meals. In any case, each episode has been inspiring with huge takeaways. I cannot recommend them enough and am so thankful that Amy told me that they changed her life (they are changing my life — dramatic or not). A must listen to.

2. Sorry



Back to the old school board game love! Over winter break when we were in Florida with cold weather, we bought Sorry at Target, and it was the biggest hit EVER. My kids wanted to play for hours and loved every minute of it. Since then, it continues to be a fun activity for the whole family. As a kid, I loved board games, and now I want my kids to love them as much as I did, and am glad that Sorry fills this spot for them.


3. Essie Gel Polish


Believe it or not, one of my guilty pleasures is having my weekly manicure. It is the only cheap thing in NYC (12 bucks) and I swear that it helps me feel more put together and polished. Although people like gel manicures, I get claustrophpbic and don’t like knowing that the only way you can remove it is if you go to the nail salon. So I am so happy with Essie’s gel polish, that is just normal polish, and not gel, but has something (chemicals, obviously) that makes it last longer. It makes a HUGE difference! No chips! Longer lasting! Hip hip hooray!


4. Sparkle sequin backpack



All the rage with the girls in NYC, these backpacks are so fun and cool. I kinda want one for myself……They come in gold, pink, purple, and rainbow.


5. Thinking of You – by Lord Echo


I love reggae and this song just makes me so happy and cheerful. Mellow, easy, good beat, and female vocalist. Reminds me that summer is almost here, right?????



So there you have it, what I am currently loving in January 2018! Please share with me anything that is on your list!

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