Boho Bandeau

This past weekend, I had two friends from Oregon come and visit. They brought a bunch of gifts to help remind me of home. My favorite is the Boho Bandeau — a rainbow tie dye running buff — that is so Oregon, so me, and so practical. I love it! SO SO much.



Me and the wonderful Eugene friends wearing my Buff gift! The buff is the rainbow ear muff / headband / multipurpose WONDER piece of fabric.

What exactly is it? Well, thanks to my obsession with the TV show “Survivor”, I have seen many ways in which you can wear it. A bikini (bandeau) top, a hairband, a wristband, a scarf, a hair elastic, and in my case, a headband that covers my ears. It is so incredibly versatile and practical!


My introduction to buffs: Survivor.


So many options.


I especially love this one –soft, colorful, and just plain old fashioned FUN.


Rainbow ombre / tie dye.

Birds eye view.


PLUS, who doesn’t love this little gem on the packaging?


They are a great addition to winter running and I couldn’t love mine more! Thanks, Stephanie and Sara!

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