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Earlier this Fall, I saw one of my besties with the perfect shoe on, and so….I bought them for myself! They are the perfect luxe, high-end sneaker, with great Italian leather, but at an accessible price point. The brand is Greats, and great indeed they are. They are basic and subtle, but made with the most perfect quality material.


Biffle got the blush perforated version of the shoe.

I love the blush shoe, but (weirdly) I already have a blush sneaker, so I decided to get a pair of black leather sneakers. Surprisingly, the black sneaker is my favorite to wear as they go with everything and are very urban, but still comfortable.


I love the black leather top with the white rubber sole.

I also love the fact that they are very discrete and not branded with some big logo or embellishment. Instead, it faintly says “Great” on the back of the shoe.

Size wise, the website says to go up a half a size, so i initially did, but found the shoe way too big, so went back to my normal shoe size.

I love these shoes — super comfortable, didn’t need time to break in, and incredibly versatile.

As someone who likes to horde some things (granola, la croix, conditioner, and sneakers), I want these in every color….is that wrong?


To purchase these exact shoes, go here. They are also now sold at Nordstrom and have a studio that just opened in Brooklyn. I can’t rave enough about these shoes — definitely check them out.  Have a great weekend.. If you are in NYC, support all of the Marathon runners this weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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