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Last weekend, we went on a family adventure to Queens to visit the Queens Museum. As we decided we wanted to have dinner on the way back, I researched hip but kid-friendly restaurants for an early dinner. We landed on Sotte le Stelle, which had rave reviews on Eater as the #3 hot spot in Queens.  And… pizza.  The new restaurant was DELICIOUS.


The restaurant only has 30 seats and is super small and cute. All of the waiters and staff are Italian, and super nice and friendly.

Pizza and baseball playoff game (someone was very happy at our table).

The table.

Even at 4:45, there were other people eating and enjoying the food and drink.

I’ve been a fan of Lambrusco for a couple of years now… it is definitely becoming more popular — hooray! It basically tastes like sparkly fermented grape juice, and that is AWESOME.

Waiting to eat….although it was super fast and made right in front of us.

Pizza oven.

Margarita pizza!

Delicious all around.

Prosciutto and arugula salad.

The most insanely delicious salad.


We left happy, full, and wanting to return a second time soon! To see their menu, go here. We also want to try their sister restaurant, SoleLuna, also in Queens. It was also a good reminder that it is nice to get out of our neighborhood, and do something totally different and out of the box (I achieved one of my Fall goals!). We can’t wait to try other restaurants in Queens in the future, too! Have a great weekend.

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