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Dimes has been on my list of places to eat for quite some time, not just because of its cool and hipster vibe, but also for its healthy (and colorful) menu. We recently ventured downtown (49 Canal Street) to this eclectic, health-concsious hippie dippy, hipster minimalist, holy cow delicious restaurant. I was in pig heaven  — so many healthy choices to choose from!




The decor is simple, modern, and beautiful. The food is delicious and filling (although my poor manly husband had two entrees for breakfast and was still hungry afterwards…) and the vibe is new-agey, fashionista, and hip. WIN WIN WIN for us all.


When in Rome....do what the Romans do (also know as, when in hipster-ville, wear sunglasses inside).

When in Rome….do what the Romans do (also known as, when in hipster-ville, wear sunglasses inside).

How we get the kids to travel to various restaurants that are not necessarily kid-friendly-places, portable toys!

When having brunch with kids, portable toys are a must!

Retro, primary, vibrant, moderne.

Retro, primary, vibrant, modern.

Brunch for us with kids is when the restaurant opens. 9 am, and second guests seated.

Brunch for us with kids is when the restaurant opens. 9 am.

Us ladies.

Ladies with matching hair-dos-  Olive Oyl chic.

The floral arrangements.

The floral arrangements.

Strawberry acai bowl:

Strawberry acai bowl made of strawberries, banana, house-made almond milk, goji berry bee pollen granola.

Banana museli.

Orange date muesli. Yogurt, coconut, banana, blackberries, and honey. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

I could eat ten of these. This is my JAM.

I could eat ten of these. This is my JAM.

Delicious but cold.

Delicious but cold.

The hash.

Hash composed of butternut squash, sunny side up egg, brussels sprouts, black rice and scallions.

Kids hanging outside in Chinatown

Kids hanging outside in Chinatown in front of a mural with hearts. <3


To read up on the owners of the restaurant, (two extremely attractive and ultra stylish women), go here and here and here. To see reviews of the restaurant go here and here. And definitely add Dimes to your list of must-go-to-places in New York City. I can’t wait to go back for lunch and / or dinner! Have a great weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Wow! This place looks cool. Definitely bringing my family here sometime soon. Thanks for the post!

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