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New Year means new workout gear! Although I do love my lululemon getups, I also love running / yoga / schlepping / sweating gear with a little more pizazz, oomph, and personality. Since I spend the majority of my day in workout gear (very grownup and mature, I know), here are some of my new gym clothes that I love to wear:


Lulu Lemon Gear

Lulu Lemon Gear

New workout gear!!!!

New workout gear!!!! (get it — my smile vs. no smile)


Pure Lime

PureLime is a Scandinavian brand, which makes them even more amazing than ever (because anything Scandinavian is that much better than anything else). They make simple, easy, high quality performance sportswear for women.I especially love their sports bra, plain old running seamless tights, and long sleeved tee.



Vimmia is yet another company with a mission to provide style, quality, fit and performance. I have (and wear all the time): neon camo capris and the Splice 3/4 leggings. The company has a unique and comfortable spin on active wear. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Outdoor Voices

My new favorite fitness brand, as everything I see, I want; and everything I own, I want to wear all the time. A company based in NYC and Austin (two of the best cities in the world), they “take it as a given that activewear must perform, but we see it as a virtue that our apparel also looks good and fits well. We are Thinkers and Doers and Enthusiasts and Professionals and Half-Marathoners and Full-Marathoners and, women and men of Leisure, Vitality and Moderation. Our activewear is made for paths, streets, fields, and beaches — pursuits that are unlikely to attract primetime coverage. It’s simple, really: doing things is better than not doing things, and we make clothing for exactly that Purpose.” Amen, and thank you. I love their leggings, so much that I want multiple ones so I don’t have to wait until I do the wash. I am also drooling over this (hint hint, Babers) and this.



A Brazilian company that specializes in activewear and swimwear, recently came into my hands and I can’t get enough of them! If I had to wear only one workout pant, it would be this one. Super comfortable, different, versatile, and unique. They are super soft and more of a yoga pant than a cross fit heavy sweating pant, and I love doing errands in them (you can take a girl out of the Northwest, but can’t take the Northwest out of the girl).


Phat Budda

More mainstream than the other brands, yet just as good and essential to own. I especially love the pants and feel that they are more lounge wear than workout gear. Nevertheless, I can’t get enough. 100% seamless, 100% do it.


Climb every mountain in 2015!

Climb every mountain in 2015!


There you have it, new workout gear to celebrate a year of healthy living (any of my college friends remember sophomore year when I lived in the “healthy living quad” special group? What was it called again? Pomona alums, talk to me). Have a great start to the week! and Happy 2015!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I find it so hard to stray away from my lulu!!! I will have to give these other brands a try! Thanks!

  2. As you know, I wear loungewear everyday. Hubby comments on how nice I look if I put on jeans ha! Thank heaven for yoga pants. It’s not exciting, but I like Athleta–quality and customer service a gazillion times better than Lululemon!

  3. We were the Healthy Living Theme Group I think…wooohooo! We basically used it as an excuse to get some of the best housing on campus but we had fun 🙂

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