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Currently obsessed with chia seeds. Because, hey, why not? But really, they have a lot of good things from them (like their omega 3 oils!), which make you healthier, right??? That simple! Eat em, and you will be long, lean, healthy, and beautiful! So here are my favorite chia products. On trend!


Chia! DELICIOUS treats that turn you into a health nut.

Qi’a Superfood Breakfast Cereal



So easy — you just throw these on top of yogurt, and voila, some granola! This cereal starts with three powerful ancient grains: chia, hemp and buckwheat. This power trio of seeds and grains is full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s. The apple cinnamon gives it a little sweetness and oomph. The texture is fun, the taste is yum, and if you add it to yogurt,  then you are done (I am also a talented poet).

Greek yogurt  + Chia



Two trends in one bowl! HOLLA! Greek yogurt + chia = one trendy, smart hipster. This blend of rich and creamy (but 0% fat) yogurt with the crunchy and sweet chia seed, jam is right on. Such a perfect snack or breakfast. Good source of fiber, protein, probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

Chia Pod


Pudding in a pod.

Chia seeds mixed with coconut milk and real fruit create this smooth, easy, and rich pudding. Just three ingredients and no added sugar. The perfect dessert that is sweet, refreshing, and healthy. Each pod provides 100% of your recommended daily intake of Omega 3 and 25% of your fiber. I am pretty sure chocolate doesn’t have the same nutritional gains that Chia Pod do. So stock up on the four different flavors: mango, blueberry, vanilla bean, and banana and celebrate this vegan dessert.

What food trends are you following now? And which are your favorite? Have a great weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I have been sprinkling hemp seed on everything. good crunch and completely healthy.

    • My mom puts hemp seeds on salads. Totally delicious in that hippy grungy type of way.

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