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Whether I like it or not, I have somehow become an expert on traveling with kids. It is not my intention to be a jet setter, but because I live (a) far from my parents and friends on the West Coast and (b) in a cold weather state, it means that if I want to see my family and/or not freeze, I need to get on a plane. So, planes it is!

A lot of our life is spent at airports. Before Cruz turned 14 months, we went to the West coast 8 times. Our traveling schedule has slowed down with two, but we still spend a lot of time on planes.

As a family, we have several go-to techniques on how to manage air travel with young ones (and ourselves).  These include: taking the early morning flights (to avoid the potential of being delayed and then having more wait-time, not that that worked last time we flew), stocking the iPad with games/videos, bringing presents for take-off and landing, having extra sets of clothes/toys/books/activities, and having the perfect options for food. In terms of food..

Squeezy apple sauce

apple sauce

No mess, no clean up, no spoon, just easy-peezy-pudding-of-pie.

Bagels and cream cheese

bagel and cream cheese

A definite for morning flights. Bagels and cream cheese are easy to transport, filling,can’t be mushed, and are adult and kid friendly.


yum nuts


Crackers with PB and Jelly

hi fiber

GG crackers are high in fiber, the nut butter is some extra protein, and the jelly is just the right amount of sweet!



Lollipop, lollipop, oh loooollly lollipop. Landing treat for the kids! A bribe to make them sit with their tush on the seats and seat belt on. Plus, it helps with their ears.

Protein Bars


In between trying to entertain the toddler, hold the baby, and ward off any major disaster, it is almost impossible to eat a meal on a plane. So protein bars are a quick fix for me!

Box of raisins


One raisin takes Cruz 30 seconds to eat. So if you want 30 minutes to pass by quickly, eat a box of raisins with a toddler.

Fruit Leathers

fruit leather

Nutritious and easy to pack and eat.

And if our travel plans include lunch, I usually make sandwiches for everyone to munch on….as you read this, we are en route back from the West Coast to NYC….with all this food! Wish us luck, and that we don’t have the same issue we had on the way here! Happy weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. my god.. I read your post on wednesday, sounds completely miserable! good luck on the way home!

  2. Have you ever used children’s Benadryl? After our last trip, I am strongly considering it.

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