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First things first, best of luck with everyone preparing for Hurricane Sandy.  Hopefully this won’t be too bad, but the news  is definitely doing a good job of scaring the life out of me and everyone else.  My initial disaster pans were to go to the gym twice today, get a mani/pedi, and make cornbread, but it is becoming more clear that we could be in for some serious conditions.  Good luck, everyone.  Separately, we were supposed to announce the winner of last Monday’s giveaway today, but the Natori offices are closed, so we will need to wait until everything reopens.  Sorry about that!

On to today’s post. As soon as I had a child of my own, I became obsessed with finding the right family photographer. I searched for someone whose aesthetic was clear, simple, modern, original, and clean. Davina to the rescue! Since we first met her in September 2011, we have hired her time and time again to take photos of the family. We have two walls dedicated to her portraits. I love everything about Davina; her quality work, her easy and laid back demeanor, her frames, and of course, the photographs themselves.

photo wall

One of our walls in the hallway. Various sizes and pictures of the family pre-Zoe.

Davina has been a photographer for 15 years, although she started specializing in children and family portraits when she first moved to New York in 2003. It is clear that she loves what she does and is in touch with the demands and needs of families — she and her husband have a son and daughter. Her work has been recognized by many magazines and newsletters worldwide.

other wall

The other wall. There is a reason why I am not a photographer....

She works with clients in a number of different ways, the easiest of which are her promotions – — ten minute slots where you go with your child to a specified location and shoot based on a certain theme. Cruzzie went for the Doudou project (doudou is the french name for the special animal that a child loves). The ten minute session cost $30 and produced amazing shots.

On November 3rd (this coming Saturday!), Davina is doing a promotion called “the “Siblings Project” at the Bonpoint on 68th and Madison in Manhattan, to take shots with that capture the special bond between siblings.  If you have multiple kids, you can secure your session with a non-refundable $50 deposit. To book, go here.

Here are some samples of Davina’s work. You might recognize some of the people (no, not any famous celebrities. Just yours truly and company) while others are strangers (to us) but beautiful photos.


Here is one of our first pictures of Cruzzie. With a little lamb that his Nana knit for him. I love the simplicity and happiness.

family 2011

Big hug from the Natori family in 2011.


One month before, baby Zoe was born. I love the look on Cruzzie's face.


Big kiss from the Natoris pre-Zoe.


A beautiful boy not related to us. I love the pure simplicity and beauty of this photo. Don't you want to adopt him?



head of curls

Head of curls. Not your typical beauty shot, which is why I love it.

A little angel with a halo. LOVE. And neon shirt. LOVE EVEN MORE.


A family photograph. So much to look at. It's like a story book just in one single picture.

We actually just had Davina come to our apartment last Sunday to take a family photograph for our holiday card (a tradition that I love) and I am so EXCITED to see the digital images and place an order. Awaiting the images is like Christmas….I check my email ten times an hour just to see if I have received them. So excited to get them, and yes, I will share one or two. 🙂

If you are interested in hiring Davina to take photographs of your child or family, visit her website and get in contact with her at YOU WILL LOVE HER.

To those of you in Sandy’s path, good luck.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Good luck everyone on the East Coast. We will be thinking about you from Chicago.

  2. Yes, I agree with everyone, be careful. By now I guess the worst is over.

    The pictures are wonderful–there is one of a boy who has the most gorgeous eyelashes that were so well captured in the image.

  3. These photos are adorable – the photographer did an amazing job of capturing special moments of your beautiful family!

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