Family Photographer

First things first, best of luck with everyone preparing for Hurricane Sandy.  Hopefully this won’t be too bad, but the news  is definitely doing a good job of scaring the life out of me and everyone else.  My initial disaster pans were to go to the gym twice today, get a mani/pedi, and make cornbread, but it is becoming more clear that we could be in for some serious conditions.  Good luck, everyone.  Separately, we were supposed to announce the winner of last Monday’s giveaway today, but the Natori offices are closed, so we will need to wait until everything reopens.  Sorry about that!

On to today’s post. As soon as I had a child of my own, I became obsessed with finding the right family photographer. I searched for someone whose aesthetic was clear, simple, modern, original, and clean. Davina to the rescue! Since we first met her in September 2011, we have hired her time and time again to take photos of the family. We have two walls dedicated to her portraits. I love everything about Davina; her quality work, her easy and laid back demeanor, her frames, and of course, the photographs themselves.

photo wall

One of our walls in the hallway. Various sizes and pictures of the family pre-Zoe.

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