Big Night, Big News

The suspense has been killing me…. and this time, I couldn’t wait. We didn’t find out Cruzzie’s gender until he was born, and it was the best surprise. But this time, I convinced Ken that we should find out the gender of Baby 2. We (aka me) wanted to find out on my birthday (good compromise, no?), so Ken kept the envelope with the gender in his desk for the last month (had I kept it, I would have cheated on day 1). To celebrate, we went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant to do the big unveiling….drum roll…….

Pre-dinner pic. We have been doing this every week to document my increasing largeness. Hello, belly!

Entrance to Barney’s. We ate at Fred’s on the 9th floor, our local fave.

Elevator to dinner. Uber nervous. (As you can see, I got super dressed up for the big night…)

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