Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is next week — before you know it, it will be Memorial Day! Time flies by as you get older! GEEZ! And so what is better than to treat yourself — and your man — to some fun and flirty lingerie! And what do you know? Josie has the best options for a fun, spirited, and confident gal. Here are my top items that are great for Valentine’s day AND beyond.

Lolita Flower Shimmy

Lolita Flower Shimmy

Slinky jersey fabric that is super smooth and cool to the touch, with an incredibly flattering fit. SOLD!


Look at the beautiful details in the lace at the top of the chemise. Love.

Josie Temptress Contour Demi Bra


What a perfect name for a bra for Valentine's Day....Temptress....

Red and Black

Once again, Josie does it with the hidden little details that make a bra special. The red scalloped eyelet embroidery at sides and center, make it sparkle.

Josie Etoile 3/4 Contour Underwire Bra

On lamp

By far one of my favorite bras. Featured in In Style magazine, this bra is an intricate bustier bra with allover fishnet lace. Comfortable and sexy at the same time. (Like the backdrop? I am getting is my favorite lamp and piece of furniture in my mother-in-law's apartment. TO DIE FOR -- both the bra and the lamp).


Better viewpoint.

Little Boy Love

Don't forget that the purpose of Valentine's Day is to shower those you love with love and kisses. So love and kiss....wearing Josie!

Until Friday, have a great week. And be sure to check out and for some Valentine’s Day gifts!

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl

P.S. Come back tomorrow for details of a giveaway!

Josie Girl


  1. I know what I’m in love with this Valentine’s day… it’s the temptress bra. AMAZING.

  2. Super cute choices!!!
    …and I appreciate the creativity you had with your photographs. I’m studying at FIT to be an interior designer and that lamp is SPECTACULAR.

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