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In October, I was lucky enough to participate in a 50-hour intensive Ayurvedic workshop. It was incredible. Learning about the doshas, the mudras, the mantras, the practice, the breathing, ALL OF IT, was an unbelievable, life changing, unforgettable opportunity.  Two months later, I am still reflecting on this journey, and am beginning to incorporate parts of my studies into my everyday life. I want to share more about this experience with you readers, bit by bit. And today, Pratima spa!


Pratima Spa is located in Soho of NYC (110 Greene Street), and is an ayurveda spa. You don’t have to know about Ayurveda or your doshas to go or enjoy it.. ANYONE and everyone would love it, but if you know anything about your dosha, it will make it that much better. What is a dosha? Oh lord, how do you even explain!  Thanks Wikipedia!



As a clear-cut Vata lady in the midst of Vata season, my body NEEDS oil. I am beyond dry, and the moment my body touches moisture, it sucks it all up. So, when I heard about Pratima Spa, I couldn’t wait to go.  And my oh my, I was not disappointed. This place was RIDICULOUSLY amazing, and ladies, you need to come into the city JUST to experience it!

Entry way of the spa.

Entry way to the spa.

Pratima Spa caters its services to your specific dosha and unique skin type. All the products that they use are 100% natural and made from the Earth. (And obviously free of any chemical or preservatives) The products are from Pratima’s own line, and are divine — rich smells, custom blended to work with your dosha, or unique biochemistry, to genuinely provide balance to the deepest levels of body, mind and cellular consciousness. So even if you can’t book an appointment because you don’t live in NYC, you can purchase their products online. I left my spa experience without buying anything, and now I need to buy them online *and yes, it is need vs. want.

Waiting area.

Waiting area.

I was told to have the “ABHYANGA” service. AND HOLY SHMOLY this blew my mind. TO PIECES! This full body massage was basically like taking a hot oil bath, with massage involved. Can we say HEAVEN? It honestly melted away the muscle tension and liquefied toxins with the traditional anointment of warm herb-infused oils that penetrated deeply to bring true balance to the body, mind and senses. Seriously MIND BLOWING.

oil, oil, oil, and more oil.

oil, oil, oil, and more oil.

They drip the hot, herbal infused oil, (depending on your dosha and skin type, they use certain types of oil) onto your body, all over, so you become glowing and dripping. And then they massage you. It feels so delicious… I was in bliss. My hair was absolutely disgusting and dripping in oil afterwards, but my body just needed the moisture and the attention, so it felt good no matter how greasy I looked.

The room where the magic happens.

The room where the magic happens.

I can’t wait to go back to experience this all over again, and maybe have a new treatment, too. It is a perfect day-date with a loved one, or a gift for a dear friend or family member. And I can’t wait to buy all of their scrumptious, beautiful, and aromatic products! Too many to choose from! To learn more about ayurveda, go here. More about doshas, go here. Frequently asked questions to the spa, go here. And go visit the spa, you will leave feeling relaxed and peaceful. I sure did!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • Slowly but surely, I am taking in all that I learned and applying it into my daily life!

    • FEBRUARY!!! Let’s do it! It seriously was the most amazing hour of my life. Let’s plan now!

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