Lost Stickers

In my walks and runs in NYC, I love to look at all the stickers posted everywhere — they are little signs full of joy, wisdom, hope, and mystery. My favorite current series is by Irish artist, Asbestos, who has created and posted street art everywhere since 2003. I love to see them as they are all in random places around the city — never making much sense but bringing a smile to my face.


Lost leek

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My Life In Yellow

Whenever I walk down the streets (of any city), I love to look at all the stickers on any type of sign on the street. It is fun to see the creativity and thoughts lying around. I always take pictures of the ones I love (yes, weird), simply to have food for thought. So a couple weeks ago, on my street corner, I found this sticker.


Same shit, different outfit. @mylifeinyellow. I was intrigued! Such a fun little quote.


And randomly, that night, I took a red eye to Paris. That same day, I saw this:

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Paint By Stickers

Last week, like us all, I could only think about all the racial inequality more evident than ever in our country.  As a result, I did not post at all, as it didn’t feel appropriate to post my typical light and frilly posts during something so heavy and important. So although I am back to posting, my mind is still on black lives matter. Like all of you, I want to educate myself to become even more anti-racist, and continue to have conversations with friends and family on how to live in a more equal and loving world.




On a desperate search to find activities for the kids to do BESIDES play on their devices, I came across “Paint By Stickers” — where you literally color a picture with numbers by stickers. It is not just fun for the kids but adults, too. I immediately bought two books for adults and one for the kids — and I can’t wait to put them all together.


The three books I purchased — and I can’t wait to get more!

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Calendar Stickers

I am a sucker for paper / stationary / gift stores. Whenever I go in to a paper store for a specific item, I leave with four additional items that I decide I can’t live without. So recently, when I needed thank you cards (because my whole life is in storage due to our renovation), I walked out with so much more. And my most exciting purchase was Calendar Stickers. Yes, yes, I know, most people use phones and computers for their calendar and organization system, as do I, but I ALSO use an old school pen and paper calendar as well. I know, OLD SCHOOL. I am also totally obsessive and get the same moleskin calendar every year.  These calendar stickers are playful, fun, and serve as the perfect accessories to brighten up my calendar. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


two different editions with two different sets of stickers -- both that I needed and wanted.

Two different editions with two different sets of stickers — both that I needed and wanted.

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