My Life In Yellow

Whenever I walk down the streets (of any city), I love to look at all the stickers on any type of sign on the street. It is fun to see the creativity and thoughts lying around. I always take pictures of the ones I love (yes, weird), simply to have food for thought. So a couple weeks ago, on my street corner, I found this sticker.


Same shit, different outfit. @mylifeinyellow. I was intrigued! Such a fun little quote.


And randomly, that night, I took a red eye to Paris. That same day, I saw this:

When are you coming back? @mylifeinyellow. It was as if MY LIFE IN YELLOW was following me! Or at least, everywhere around me!


And then, once I was back in NYC, I found this:


Are you in love with yourself? @mylifeinyellow.


So now, wherever I go, I am constantly searching for more @mylifeinyellow stickers — I just love them so much! I have only seen these three, but I love these little splashes of joy and love out there. So now, I follow @mylifeinyellow on instagram. Check them out! I am determined to find more in the city. Totally random, but just small additions to one day! If you see any fun stickers where you live, send them to me!


I saw this one (not @mylifeinyellow) several weeks ago, and I love it. So true — we are all floating in space. Great reminder to empathize as we are all trying to hang on.


I hope you have a great week and find any rainbows and positivity out there! Thank you @mylifeinyellow for these bursts of sunshine poetry on the streets.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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