Governors Island Glamping

One of my favorite places in NYC is Governors Island, a 172 acre island that is 800 yards from Manhattan (a 7 minute ferry ride!). It is the perfect place to spend a day wandering and feels like a vacation, when it is only minutes away from home (well depending on the traffic….). And even better — you can spend the night there! It is an upscale camping experience and is a memorable and truly perfect way to spend the night. Recently, I took my daughter “glamping” on Governors Island mid week and it was the highlight of our Spring.


This is Tusia on Governors Island in 2017. Since then, the green space has turned in to the property for the glamping, Collective Retreats.

Tusia on Governors in 2020. Same same, but different.

Tusia 2022!

In previous years, you could take a private boat to Collective Retreats on Governors Island. But now, since they extended the hours of the public ferry, the private boat has been eliminated and you take the boat from lower Manhattan. Once you arrive, they pick you up in a golf cart to bring you onsite.

The tents are super nice — basic, but beautiful. They have AC and heat (we needed heat), outlets, nice sheets, but no bathrooms.

The people around us looked like they were on vacation for a week there! Not us — in by 5 pm, out by 7 am! LIFO (last in, first out)

Statue of Liberty with campfires and smores!

The bar and restaurant. Great and delicious food.

We played soccer……on a muddy field. But so fun. And I hate soccer.

The view.

Night, night!

Early morning to school (thank goodness it was no uniform day and so it made it easy to just get up and go!)

On the ferry back! We took a taxi and made it to school on time! A little bit tired, but so very happy.


Collective Retreats has glamping experiences all across the country, so if you happen to come across one, you must try it out! And if you are in NYC and want a fun overnight experience, I highly recommend Collective Retreats at Governors Island! Expect not to sleep that night — I had to use the restroom in the middle of the night and there were so many planes and even fireworks that night — but oh well, one for the books!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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Glamping on Governors Island

In celebration of my 5th grade son’s last day of school, we went to Governors Island with some of his besties and their moms. Governors Island has always been one of my favorite places — an easy afternoon IN the city, but OUT of the city. It is an 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbor, located only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan. In recent years, we have visited dozens of times but have only been there for a couple of hours each time. Basically, there is not much to do but walk, scoot, look, eat, and hang out (but what else do you really need?) This time around, I thought ahead and booked us for an overnight stay, glamping at Collective Retreats.


Private boat to Collective Retreats (The company / hotel where we glamped). The complimentary water taxi runs from 430 pm to 10 pm, which is crucial since the public ferry stops service at 6 pm. The water taxi only holds up to 6 people, so it was just us on the ride. They made it a scenic ride and took us to the Statue of Liberty and other spectacular views of the city.

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