Flowers! I love every type of flower — real, in nature, picked, fake, photo, drawing — any and every type of flower. And in the past week, I have had three new flower encounters that I want to share!


1. Fotografiska Exhibit “Human / Nature – Encountering Ourselves in the Natural World”


I loved all the different art work in this exhibit, but I especially loved the Lewis Miller Flash Flower Photos — as I have seen most of them in person and love everything about them.

This one was done with fake flowers. I want to try to do this!


2. Madison Square Park with Ana Maria Hernando


SO fun to walk by – beautiful and springy. A must see if in the city.


3. AFloral fake flowers


Obsessed with my new faux flowers! Silk! Beautiful!

Look so real!!!!



What are you loving as florals right now? HAPPY MARCH!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Your recent flower encounters sound delightful! From the captivating Lewis Miller Flash Flower Photos to the enchanting walk through Madison Square Park with Ana Maria Hernando, it’s clear that flowers bring you joy and inspiration. Keep embracing their beauty in all its forms!

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