An Atlas of Es Delvin

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to stop by the Cooper Hewitt Museum ┬áto see the exhibition of “An Atlas of Es Delvin” and WOW it was incredible. So intrigued, I came home to spend the rest of the afternoon watching a documentary on Es Delvin and looking through all her art work. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend going to the museum to see this exhibit, or if not in NYC, to look through Es Delvin’s work (and watch the video on her) to see what it is all about — absolutely inspiring. Es Delvin is a British stage designer that starts with all her projects first on pen and paper, then models, and then unimaginable set designs.


Cooper Hewitt is located on 90th street and 5th avenue in Manhattan. It costs 19 dollars for an adult and free for 18 and under. WORTH IT.

Dragged Tusia with me. The first section is a 4 minute video where Es explains her story. INCREDIBLE.


Blank sheet.

She has worked with Adele, Beyonce, The Weekend, U2, Super Bowl half time shows, and so many many more.

From paper, she creates a scene.

The models for the Super Bowl Halftime show of 2022 — by far the best half time show I have EVER EVER EVER seen.


How all her work gets transported.

Story board.

The end.


A must see!!! A must visit!!! Incredible!!!!

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