Lunar Phase Calendar

Every year, for the holidays, my mom gives me a lunar phase calendar. It is one of my favorite traditions (receiving this gift) and one of my favorite gifts ever. I always post it up on the back of my office closet door, so that I can look at the moon phases during the year. I know it sounds random, but I look more often than you think one would. I love knowing about the cycles of the moon, and knowing exactly when the moon is full.


Comes in a tube — easy to send! This year, since we will not be with my parents for the holidays, my mom shipped (thank you, Mama!) a care package with presents for all of us in the family. This one — aside from all her handmade knitting and embroidery work — is always my favorite gift.

Phases of moon.

Yep — duct tape on my office closet door!

Also, calendars with the important dates for my son’s high school application process….

On the website. You can choose from 8 vibrant colors. The print dimensions are 10″ x 30″


It is a great gift! I love it SOOO much. And it is $12 — I am not sure if one can compete with this price! 12 dollars for an amazing lunar calendar — yes please. To get it, go here.

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