The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is one of the most majestic and unique places to visit. It is not tropical or very warm, but it is a scenic escape from inland. On very hot days in Eugene, we love to go to the Oregon coast where it will easily be 30 degrees colder. Also, when it is smokey in Eugene (which unfortunately it has been the past week due to the wildfires), the coast is a nice relief with the wind and little to no smoke. If you ever go to Oregon, I highly suggest visiting the coastline and seeing all the natural beauty the state has to offer.


One of my favorite places to visit on the coast is inland at a friend’s cabin. Her house is on a lake (which is 1/2 mile away from the ocean). You can canoe and kayak and play on the tunes — but you are on a lake.


Massive amounts of sand even though you are not on the ocean.

On the lake.

Looks like Mars.

Fir trees and sand. Oxymoron.

Love this photo.

This is in Yachats — on the ocean, lots of rocks and cliffs.

Rocky beach.

Family photo.

We also really love South Jetty (south of Florence) for an easy day trip with the dunes to play on and miles to walk on the sand.

The grandparents and their grandkids.

All of us.

Lunch. Yes, Tusia decided to bring spaghetti. Not very beach friendly, but hey, she wanted it and ate it!


My mama and her knitting.

Hot pink with blues and greys.

Lots of jumping of cliffs of dunes.

You see – lots and lots of jumping.


We are going to the coast again this week — so easy (hour drive), relief from hot temperatures, and love to look out at the Ocean and breathe in the air. Hope everyone is having a great week — I am GULP SOB not ready for summer to end.


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