Currently Loving April 2023

I feel like we just got back from Spring Break, and now it is almost May. How does that happen? Literally time flies after the last school break and wooooooshhhh almost summer. Here is what I am currently loving this month.


1. Poems in Central Park


I love walking and strolling around Central Park on a beautiful weekend day and seeing so many different sights, people, performers, sounds. There is SOOOO much to look at. You don’t need to go to a Broadway show!!! Last weekend, I especially liked this woman who was writing poems for people. “Custom Poems on Demand.”

2. Aperol Spritz Season


Spring and summer in a bottle — aperol spritz! I LOVE them, so so so much. Their color, the taste, the memories, ahhhhh. Bring on Summer!


3. Funny Meme


I love this meme so much. So true.


4. The 100 Best Restaurants in NYC


I love reading about all the restaurants I need to go and try! There is no shortage of good restaurants and I just have to make an effort to investigate and go to them! I especially like this list (and how it presents itself). There are SOOOOO many restaurants I want to try.


5. Cherry Blossom and Spring Flowers


They make my nose run and my eyes itch, but the cherry blossoms and all the blooms in the park make me so happy. All the colors!!! Mother Nature sure is special.


6. Howl by Elderbrook x Tourist


I love this song so much — the original and all of its remixes. It is perfect for my runs, cleaning the house, or just sitting around (but you can’t sit when you listen to this song, it is SO good).


7. Natori Girls Dresses

I love these dresses! And even more, I love the model.



That is what I am loving this month! As always, please share over email / text / call / message about what you are loving this month!

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