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I LOVE SHAVED ICE — not the snow cone with sugar syrup, but the Asian Shaved Ice with condensed milk and so much flavor and taste. It is my favorite thing in the world — so much that when I was in Undergrad, I would drive with all my friends to a place in LA and get Taiwanese Shaved Ice in the middle of the night — I have so many fond memories of that place (wish I could remember the name!) and all the times I had shaved ice with tapioca balls, red beans, mango and shaved ice with condensed milk. So, fast forward to this summer, when I was in Seattle with my family, we went to an incredible Shaved Ice place, Snowy Village (go if you are in Seattle!) and I fell head over in heels. I tasted my college experience!


Seattle shaved ice — Snowy Village. SO good and tasty, loved every single bite.

So, of course, as soon as I came back to NYC, I knew I needed to find someplace similar. And sure enough, I did! And I am so so so so so excited! Grace Street — a Korean dessert cafe in Korea Town in Manhattan!


Yesterday, I went on a solo adventure and got take out (better to eat two desserts at home solo than eat them at a restaurant). It is located on West 32nd Street.

I placed my order online — super easy!

Two different flavors!



I highly HIGHLY recommend Grace Street — and Korean or Thai Shaved Ice in general — and I can’t wait to go back! If anyone wants to come with me, I will go and eat shaved ice ANYTIME!

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