Killer Burger

The friend who told me about Dave’s Hot Chicken, also told me about Killer Burger. A very different type of cuisine than I normally eat, but a huge hit for everyone in the family (including myself). Currently, Killer Burger is a Pacific Northwest Chain, but hopefully in the near future, it will become more mainstream and located nationally. If you happen to be in the PNW, you must try Killer Burger — home of the PEANUT BUTTER PICKLE BACON BURGER. Yes, PEANUT BUTTER PICKLE BACON. And I have to tell you — it is SO good. So good.


Killer Burger with the family.

We all got different types of burgers and we were all very content. You can choose the size of your burger — I opted for “pint” size and it was not too big and not too small.

All burgers come with french fries — and they are all you can eat fries, meaning if you need more, you can go to the kitchen and ask for more (!!!!). Of course, we didn’t need anymore….but I asked just to make sure we could if we needed more.

Lettuce wrap. Yes please.

So delicious and not messy, believe it or not.

The family.

My dad and his grandsons.

The girls. And their grandpa.


Definitely recommend Killer Burger and hope to see it soon on the East Coast.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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