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One of my most stylish friends periodically sends me texts with clothes she thinks I would love (she is always right AND these are the best types of texts to get!). This Spring, she sent me the outfit with a sweatshirt she thought I needed(I did), but I was most interested in her straw bucket hat. Of course, she sent me the information and I immediately purchased it. It is expensive, but I always think cost per wear (if you wear it everyday, you divide the item cost per day), and it turns out to be a steal of a deal! The Chloe x Mifuko straw hat!


It is not a hat that looks stylish — but it protects every part of your face from the sun.

Handmade from paper and cotton! NOTE: when the hat first arrived, it was way too big for my head, but I googled (thank you google) and figured out a way to shrink the straw and make it form better! And it worked — steam, hot weather, and sculpting it with my other hats.

Looks good on Tusia.


It is great to wear when reading or embroidering. Not as good when hiking, because you cant see that far in front of you.

Yes, I look ridiculous. I had no idea we were going on a trek, and we ended up hiking with shoes that were slippery and a hat that I couldn’t see that far in front of — but I did protect my face from sunshine.

Looks like an old lady but I love it!


Do you have any hats that you currently love? I feel like hats are timeless……or maybe it is because I am old now and care about the texture and color and wrinkles of my face?

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