Nothing Really Matters NYC Bar

A new hidden bar, Nothing Really Matters, in NYC has arrived — in a subway entrance! It is located between the entrance and the turnstile in the downtown-bound 1 train station at 50th Street and Broadway. Normally, I would not know of such a bar or have a reason to go to it, but recently a friend took me there and I fell in love with the randomness and beauty of the bar. I cannot wait to go back — so unique and different. And you will definitely NOT run in to anyone you know there….


Literally downstairs in the subway. Yes, gross and full of trash and rats.

Bouncer. Not sure what to expect….

The beautiful bar.

How chic and cool is this, especially when it is in midtown (sigh) and in a subway (weird).


So if you find yourself in midtown NYC, or want to go somewhere totally different and unique, go to Nothing Really Matters (except, everything really matters, right???) Happy Weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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