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Only a couple days left of the James Turrell exhibition at Pace Gallery in NYC — definitely worth visiting if you happen to be in the city before it closes on March 19th! I had the opportunity to visit last week with a college friend (who happens to be in the Art world) and absolutely loved my five minutes of sitting in a dark room and looking at the light installation.  My college friend reminded me that James Turrell not only attend our college (Pomona College), but also spoke at our 2001 college graduation (!!!!) I don’t remember any of his speech or the fact that he spoke at our graduation, but knowing this information, made me even more intrigued in this art display.


The exhibit looks exactly like this — although it is an experience, and a picture cannot grasp the beauty, size, colors, or effect of the art.

A group of 10 people are allowed to go in to a pitch black room and sit and watch for 10 minutes. The art installation is a huge screen, lots of lights, and colors that change.

Taken from farther back in the room.

A different look.


Turrell is known worldwide for installations that explore perceptions of light and space (so many questions!). I came home even more intrigued and interested in Turrell and love this NYTimes review on the show. After we saw the Turrell, we went to several other galleries and I learned so much — definitely makes looking at art more fun when you have a professional with you! My friend is the chief curator at Storm King, and every gallery we went to, they all knew her and would take us to the back rooms and give us private tours — so fun and a great way to spend the afternoon. Bottom line, if you happen to be in NYC this week and have 5 minutes, GO look at this beautiful light installation!

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