Trader Joe’s Haul

Last week, I went to Trader Joe’s and this is what I found!


The new Trader Joe’s opened on the Upper East Side a couple months ago and I love it. It is spacious, gorgeous, and of course, has the best things you never knew that you needed!

I literally went in to get a banana and some snacks and walked out with a whole lot more. But it is SO inexpensive so I basically earned money!

Here is my total haul (minus the bananas).

Jicama wraps — a little juicer than a normal tortilla but with fewer carbs!

I love tofu and love sriracha so am very excited to try this!

I love everything made with cauliflower….

Almond butter almonds — mind blown! Totally meta, and totally addicting!

By far the item that I buy the most of at TJs. They are super small and mini and just the right amount of dessert.

The most expensive item that I bought — but good quality meat jerky.

How could I resist this?

And this?



What have you bought recently at Trader Joe’s that you love? Do share!

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