Currently Loving December 2021

Last month of 2021! I can’t believe it — this year has come and gone… is what I am currently loving this month!


1. We Can Do Hard Things: Glennon Doyle podcast, episode “Runners and Cheerers: Marathon Life with Shalane Flanagan


I love Glennon Doyle — she is honest and acknowledges when she makes mistakes. I really liked this episode as it talked about marathons and what happens during them — her wife ran it and spoke about it. I also love Shalane Flannagan, but found the first half of the episode better than the portion when Shalane was featured.


2. Crying in H Mart

This was recommended to me by one of my closet friends saying that I would enjoy it as it is about a half Korean girl brought up in Eugene. The day my book arrived, I called my mom to tell her to read it and she said she had just put it in a care package for me to read (she is the best care package creator ever). I am only a couple chapters in but loving it so far!


3.  Skinny Souping


The other day when I went to the grocery store to get something specific, I of course walked out with more. I was in need of lunch and it was cold so I grabbed this soup, and HOLY MACARONI it was delicious! I loved it — even drank it cold!!!


4. Trader Joe’s Hot Chocolate Sticks


My love affair with Trader Joe’s continues and these hot chocolate sticks are delicious, easy, and cheap!


5. Summit One Vanderbilt


This past weekend, we went to the newest “observation building” in NYC and loved it. It was a different experience of looking at the beautiful city beneath us with mroe high tech tricks.


6. Drunk Elephant Skin Care


At a YPO event with Ken, I met a woman who represents Drunk Elephant — and I raved to her about my daughter’s obsession with their hair products. She told me that the skin care was amazing and then followed up by sending me the biggest box of products you have ever seen. I have to tell you that even though these items were a gift, I am a huge fan. I will buy them with my own money going forward. The eye cream??? HEAVEN.


7. Topix Great Conversations


In a search for more conversations with the family at the dinner table (more than “how was your day?”) I bought these cards and love them. They are not life changing, but they do add some flavor and entertainment to spice things up.


8. Hermes Nail Polish


A friend dropped of this hermes nail polish as a gift for helping take of her child when she was out of town. I love everything about this — it screams luxury.


9. My Dog


Is there anything better than your dog? She gives me cuddles and attention and I just love her oh so.



What are you loving this month? Do share — I always love the emails I get from people telling me, so continue to do so, please. It is so appreciated. And hope you have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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