Currently Loving June 2021

WHAT THE — here we are half way through 2021. I have no idea how that happened, but it has been a wild ride! Right now, this is what I am loving! And please share with me what you are loving as I so love to hear any and all!


1. Coast by Augustine


Indie band (from Brooklyn) Augustine’s song, Coast, is so peppy and fun. It puts everyone in a good mood, and EVERYONE will love this song. Listen!

2. Peanut Butter Cookie Creation


This is not healthy. It is basically a huge peanut butter cup with oreos, m&ms, and chocolate shoved in to it. It was SOOOO good that I can’t wait to try to make my own version of it.


3. Natori x Care + Wear Scrubs


(This is one of the orthodontists in my orthodontist practice I go to!!!!) Natori just did a collaboration with Care +Wear to create a line of scrubs. Although I am not in the health field, I am so proud of Natori for producing this line of items and for being forward thinking in an ever changing field. To read more about the Natori scrubs collection, read the NYTimes article from last week, here.


4. Nobu Lychee Martinis


There is no comparison, my favorite drink of all time is the lycnee martini from Nobu. It is really perfection — not too sweet, not too strong. Just perfect. And one of my favorite things to come out of COVID has been that restaurants in NYC have been able to deliver and take out alcoholic beverages — so this order was always for a special treat on a special day. But now, since we are in 2021 and we realize YOLO, here is to many more lychee martinis on non special days!


5. Younger Season 7


I binge watched Mare of Easttown in 2 days (and talked about it several times on this blog), that it has taken me a while to find another show that I love just as much. I have always been a fan of Younger, despite the fact that it is fluff and silly. Nonetheless, I love how it takes place in NYC and the general upbeat and lightness of the show. The last several episodes of the final season were just released, and I am so excited to sit down and binge!



What are you loving this month? Send me an email, text, message or phone call and let me know! And Happy JUNE!

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