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Every Wednesday, I drive several hours to visit my sister-from-another-mister for the day. Despite my distaste in driving, I absolutely love and cherish our time together and wouldn’t miss this time in the world. Therefore, I have begun to embrace the time spent in the car. During these hours in the car, I have renewed my love of podcasts and cry / laugh / feel while listening to them. Here are my recent podcasts I have listened to and have *thoroughly* enjoyed. It is never too late to listen to them, they are all so good.


Truly family. I feel so fortunate that our family members are all bonded and glued together and the love is deep. There have been moments when all four of us are on separate calls with each of them — all at the same time. So my weekly drives to visit are essential, a no brainer, and worth every second.

1.  Arm Chair Expert, Day 7


A must listen to. Raw, honest, and beautiful.


2. Arm Chair Expert, Kate and Oliver Hudson


I laughed so hard and loved every minute of this.


3. The Daily, Chaos and Contempt: The First Presidential Debate




4. The Daily, The Killing of Breonna Taylor, Parts I and 2


Disturbing and horrifying.


5. Raising Good Humans, How to Cultivate Healthy Responses to Anxiety


So good.



If you have any other suggestions for specific podcast episodes, send them my way. I find it better to listen to them in the car than at home or walking around the city — my full concentration is on the words and the stories and I am able to absorb more of it. I love listening and learning and I would love to hear your suggestions! Have a great weekend! October here we are.

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