Summer in Oregon

As Summer comes to a close and we get ready to go back to NYC (in just a little less than a week), I can’t help but look at all the thousands of photos from picturesque Oregon. Although we do the same thing everyday — run, hike, bike, explore, repeat, I am ever so thankful that we get to do it in such a beautiful state. If you have never visited Oregon before, put it on your states of places to visit. It is truly beautiful — lush forests, vibrant greens, rivers, creeks, Ocean, dunes, sand, hills, mountains. ExplOREGON and adOREGON. Truly. Here are some pictures:


Fall Creek. A little slice of heaven that the kids like to explore, and never anyone there.

The two kids resting after the swim.

Look how beautiful. So many colors!

Mt. Pisgah. Another river that is super closeby that we like to go to for a quick dip. When the cousins were in town, the kids would spend HOURS playing in the small rapids on their boogie boards.

Dexter Lake. More calm water than a river, less scenic but still beautiful.

CAN NOT beat Crater Lake. A must visit for ALL! Look how crystal clear it is. It is the deepest lake in the USA….and one of the coldest. Brave Ken!

Pacific Ocean, specifically, Hobbits Trail. A great little hike that sends you off into a majestic setting. Not as fun as the dunes on the Oregon coast, but more of a Pacific Northwest experience.

Resting. aka fighting. aka passing time.

Countless hikes. So many too hard to count. This is my bad a$$ Papa who I can never keep up with.

The kids on the very tip top of Spencer’s Butte.

I like to do a sunrise hike once a week. Yes, it’s early, but oh so worth it.

Oregon coast dunes. SO FUN. SO VERY FUN.

And how can it not be fun when you have your cousins with you? Man, do we miss them SO MUCH….


Oregon is a special state — and not just because my beloved parents are here — but it’s beautiful, unique, eccentric, and ever so colorful.



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