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Thanks to Instagram, I tend to find random and small lines of clothing that I fall madly in love with. The most recent discovery is a pair of shorts from Kas Maria. She has no website, no email, I just DM’d her saying I loved the shorts and voila, transaction. Kassandra (Kas Maria) sews her own designs and I love everything about them. These vibrant, colorful, ever so joyful bright floral shorts made me smile the minute I saw them on Instagram and I love them even more in person.


Patchwork floral shorts — a different fabric on each side of the shorts. Drawstring and high waisted. Comfortable and oh so cute.

The tag.

The backside. Four pockets total. SO FUN and different.

Here I am wearing them — and yes, we have a new addition to the family — Stevie! More to come on our new lady pup soon!

Her card.


So if you are interested, find her on instagram here and ask about the shorts!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. This patchwork short is done very nicely. I am very impressed by the work of kas maria. Every side of shorts has different cloth which means every side has different color. This is looking great while you are wearing it.

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