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I can’t get enough of African prints — especially my shorts, pants, and overalls made by Royal Native. Although I have been thoroughly obsessed with African wax prints since late 1990s when I studied abroad in college in Cameroon, my love has become even more pronounced since I found Royal Native. Her clothing is a modern look made with the African print and it is truly perfection. Not exaggerating at all, I own 6 shorts, 3 overalls, and 5 pairs of her pants….and I want more. They are that good. AND NOW, I am a proud owner of a pouch. I am using it for everything and even a night time clutch! Versatile, practical, beautiful, and easy.


Look at it! Doesn’t it scream HAPPY????

Plastic lined inside, which makes it great for a beach bag with your sunscreen (just as an example)…..And the green zipper? Just love it oh so….

Thank you, Royal Native! Everything you do is brilliant.

Pop of color!


The pouches are not currently on the website, but if you send a DM on Royal Native’s instagram, I am sure you can order it. And check out the whole collection here.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Was crossing my fingers that the designer was African, but…nope. I counted zero black women on her website, and two on her insta. Another white woman appropriating African culture and marketing it in the Hamptons. Oy vey.

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