Que Water Bottle

Goodbye plastic bottles (be gone!), hello collapsible water bottle! Who knew that a single tiny little bottle could bring so much joy? This lightweight bottle is perfect for traveling or everyday. You just smoooosh it and it is half the original size. No more lugging around heavy glass bottles or bulky bottles. This is the perfect solution for everyday on the move. Que bottles.


BIG — fill it up with water!

Size. And with the perfect manicure by college bestie.

Secure safe top. No more leaking in your purse.

Once liquid is gone, hello little water bottle!

Smoosh teeny tiny.


And can we talk about the awesome selection of colors? I am returning to the store tomorrow to buy another water bottle as my daughter is obsessed and wants her own. Happy August and happy weekend — may you all have a fun filled couple of days.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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