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In all my free time in Oregon this summer, I have devoured tv shows, music albums, and books. These three are my top three thus far.


TV Series: Fleabag


Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote and stars in this two season series. She is BRILLIANT. Beautiful, funny, raw, and original.

Thanks to one of my nearest and dearest, I watched this series. And as always she was right — she told me to bear with it as the first season is awkward and not the best, but then HOLY SMOKES, the second season is the most incredible tv I have watched in a long time. I couldn’t stop laughing — BELLY LAUGHS — it was so good.  A must watch — and easy to devour in a week (if that).


Love her facial expressions.


Album: The Big Day by Chance the Rapper


Chance, is HANDS DOWN, one of my favorite artists. He is not only incredibly talented but also positive, uplifting, loving and caring — a dream would be to hang out with him.


For the longest time, I have been a huge fan of Chance the Rapper — considering him one of my all time favorite artists. He has been a part of many of my favorite songs with various singers and his most recent album came out last Friday. Since then, I have listened to every single song on repeat and can’t get enough of it. My favorite songs are: Ballin Flossin (with Shawn Mendes), The Big Day (with Francis and the Lights), and Do You Remember (with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie). A MUST LISTEN TO — the whole album.


Album cover.


Book: Three Women


Lisa Taddeo wrote this nonfiction book over a course of ten years. LOVED it.


Everywhere I looked, I saw this book. So, I got it, and couldn’t put it down. I read it in two days and loved every bit of it. Provocative, emotional, beautiful, interesting. I highly recommend it to both men and women as it gives insight in to women’s sexuality and desire.


Lisa Taddeo — genius.


So there you have it — my favorite current tv series / album / book. Do you have any to share with me? Would love suggestions and recommendations!



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  1. I love the collab between Chance the Rapper and Ben Gibbard! I haven’t stopped listening to it.

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