Sunset Hues

I returned to Eugene last night from Sonoma where we spent four days lounging and relaxing at our annual get together with three other families from Stanford. It is one of my absolute favorite weekends of the year and is guaranteed fun. We have been doing this get-together for the past five years and plan on always doing it (Thanks, Kimmers!). We eat, drink, run, hike, bike, cook, play tennis, swim, rollerskate, talk, make smores, and just enjoy each other’s company (and all of our kids). None of us live in the same city as each other (LA, SF, NYC, and Denver…) so it is fun to always know that we will get together every summer. This year, I was inspired to have a theme at our adult dinner out of the house (the rest of the time we cook at the house). For the longest time, I have wanted to have a get together where everyone wore sunset hues. I KNOW, sounds so weird, but I once saw that Mandy Moore (who I love so very much) did it, and I knew I just had to do it at some point. AND man, it was SO much fun. I know, getting dressed in colors is fun?!?!? YEP, it really is. It was *so* fun.


Sunset hues (minus Paul in the blue shirt — but he says that the sky is blue when the sun sets….)

The MVP is Katie — who took the special request of “sunset hues” literally and bought a dress for $25 on Amazon of sunsets. That alone explains why I love her so much. And she bought matching outfits with her three kids — I think it should be her Christmas card.

Us in the vineyard as the sun was getting ready to set. We were so excited…..

Thank you, California, Sonoma, sunset hues, and good friends.


I absolutely loved dressing as sunsets (strangers also loved us, I mean, HOW COULD YOU NOT?) and I can’t wait for another excuse to dress in sunset hues. I also need another idea of a theme — mind you, I don’t like costume parties — but themes, I can do. Happy week! I hope you have a great week!

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  1. What a pretty event!! I am most definitely having a sunset hues theme in the near future 🙂

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