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During one of our California trips this summer, I spied the cutest and most fun iphone case from my soul sister bestie. So with permission, I asked her where she got it and if I could copy her. Sure enough, when it arrived this week, it felt like my phone was finally representative of who I AM!!!! TIE DYE AND CRAZY COLORS. Oh my god I love it so much.


Purple pink and yellow! And tie dye!

Thin case, not overly thick but does the trick of protecting the phone.

With my initials. Now, I will know my phone is my phone when with the other tie dye crazy phones.

Look at it again, so happy, so cheerful. (You know what is hard — taking a picture of your case when your phone is supposed to be in it. So I apologize for the case with no phone. Did my best but can’t work magic).


You can purchase the case at Minnie & Emma. They have a variety of awesome tie dye cases so when I get sick of this new one, I know where to find other good options. So good, so good.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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