Painted Leather Jacket: Scarlett Cussell

And what do you know — summer is now upon us. It has been an insanely busy week with school ending and all the packing and planning and HOW DID TIME FLY feelings. So much to do, so little time. So instead of focusing on everything that needs to get done between now and Sunday when we depart NYC for the whole summer, here is my new favorite addition to my wardrobe! A leather jacket — and not just any leather jacket — a PAINTED leather jacket with so much symbolism and personal touches that it makes me cry out of happiness.


My jacket.

The back story is that I took an incredible leather jacket made by the ever so talented Aly Eastman and had a friend-of-a-friend paint on it. This artist, Scarlett Cussell, asked me questions about my astrological sign, the signs of Ken and the kids, and my interests and passions, and what makes me tick. Through these conversations, she created an unbelievably beautiful drawing.


Not only do I find it beautiful, but there is so much meaning behind it all.

The center point represents me, the universe, the present moment. It is pure consciousness. A simple breath.

Orbiting the center point are three circles/orbits, each with its own gold dot. The first one represents Ken, the second Cruzzie and the third Tusia. We are all protected and connected by a star shaped flower. In the tarot, Aquarius (my sign) is represented by the Star card. This sits in the middle of the Pentagram of Venus. This is the diagram on the zodiac that Venus makes in eight years. After that period, Venus, the Sun, the Earth and the stars are again in the same relative positions. It means that Venus, seen from the Earth, is in the same position with respect not only to the Sun, but also to the stars. Venus is the planet of love, placed here to represent love as the foundation from which everything else is cultivated, heart energy and source connection. Venus also symbolizes the feminine.

Under the collar is the a gold triangle with a line through the top. This is the symbol for the element of Air that rules my sign of Aquarius.

The circle of eyes symbolize your intuition, forward thinking, determination and open-mindedness. They are curious and compassionate. In the center are small crescent moons as an acknowledgement of the divine feminine within. The eyelashes resemble flames to represent a passion and determination that generates a magical outpouring of energy and manifestation.

This love sits still and pure in its own space and power. This is where I can shine my inner light out into the world in my own unique way. This radiant light generates an energy that flows. Interconnected and fluid. It represents the realm of pure potential, where anything is possible. The pattern of dots are also reminiscent of the pattern of dance, or roller-skate moves from an aerial perspective.

There is a subtle wavy black line that surrounds the design which mimics the waves that represented by the symbol of Aquarius.

Under the jacket’s left lapel is a small gold heart that lies over your heart with the first initials of my children.


I love it oh so much and it has already become a staple in my outfits and I can’t wait to wear it all summer long; ALL YEAR LONG. And create new memories, adventures, and experiences in it.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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