Pier 17 Winterland

This past weekend, we went with our biffle squad to discover a new ice skating rink in the city, Pier 17 Winterland, which opened up in December. AND HOLY COW it was oh so fun and amazing. At first glance, it is tiny, but the surrounding views of the city and Brooklyn Bridge are amazing. There is also a restaurant which is cozy, beautiful, and extremely friendly.  Even on a super cold day, the kids had so much fun and before we knew it, we were there for three hours.


I run by this location ALL the time, and yet I had no idea there was a secret skating rink in there. In the summer, it will be a concert summer stage — can’t wait to check it out. And then this Spring, new restaurants are opening up by David Chang and by Jean-George. Definitely will be checking those out…..

Feels like you are in a shopping mall, almost. Except that the only thing in the building is ESPN and the skating rink at the top…..

On the top of the world — or a 3rd story building. But beautiful 360 degree views!

The Brooklyn Bridge will always remind me of the Absolut ads from the 90s…..

Brooklyn skyline.

Inside the restaurant where we ate flatbread, hotdogs, chips, and the most delicious chocolate cookie. Of course, they also served a ton of alcohol….but it was early in the day….next time, next time….

View from inside a big room where they hold events (and allow parents to sit inside and watch their kids).

LOOK! How pretty is this view (not the dude).

And the other direction…..

My squad’s future album cover.

Running home after a very successful, fun, active, and outdoor activity.


Definitely worth checking it out — we will definitely be back.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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