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Non plastic water bottles have become increasingly more and more popular, and each year, a different company seems to lead in popularity. bkr bottles, klean kanteen, nalgenes — all different brands that have been super popular in the past years. And this year, Hydro Flasks are everywhere. Made in Bend, Oregon, I knew I was going to love them (as I love all Oregon products / people / places) and sure enough, love at first sight. These water bottles are by far the best.


They come in every size. Big, small, extra big, extra small, etc…

Why? Well, first, they are not plastic, nor are they glass.  They are made from stainless steal and are BPA free… and also have a vacuum seal so nothing ever leaks. They are also insulated so cold drinks remain SUPER cold for a long time (24 hours) and hot drinks are HOT for up to 12 hours.


Good size.

Easy to carry and not heavy AT ALL (which I found issue with the glass bottles).


Not only is this bottle extremely well-insulated, but it also doesn’t ‘sweat,’ so you’ll never have to deal with condensation on the outside of the bottle or a small puddle underneath it.


The bottles also offer a different selection of mouths and caps — I have the simple wide mouth, but also am going to buy another one with the sports mouth.


Although they are not dishwasher safe (due to the vacuum seal), they are super easy to wash by hand. And do dishwashers make water bottles that much more clean????


I also like the look of these bottles. Clean, solid, and simple.


To buy, you can get them at any outdoor store, on Hydro Flask’s website, or of course, on amazon. I am personally loving my new commitment to drinking more water, in an environmentally friendly way, and with a water bottle that I am excited about!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Why is drinking more water so hard. I can’t seem to kick the coffee addiction and trade it in for something healthier. Maybe buying a water bottle will make me FEEL the commitment.

  2. I have two of them that I use on rotation. I adore these bottles!!! You can put them in your bag and not worry about condensation.

  3. I personally own many different Hydro Flasks and have thoroughly enjoyed them. One aspect of the Hydro Flask that I like is the fact that it is from Bend Oregon, a local city based on my location. I also admire how long it is capable of keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. It will maintain a desired temperature for about two days. I have the 40 ounce stainless steel water bottle which makes it easy to clean and decorate with stickers. I don’t really have to worry about the paint coat coming off because it doesn’t have the coat. It is also nice that for its size that it is fairly slender, making it easy to carry around with me. Another nice aspect is the fact that you can buy different accessories for your Hydro Flask. You can buy lids with straws or different types of handles making it most convenient for whatever your needs may be. One con to the Hydro flask, which is mentioned in the video, is the size of the mouth. It does in fact hit the crest of your nose when you drink out of it without a straw. Although this might not bother some people, if it does you can always buy the straw cap accessory. While it may not seem ideal to buy an accessory, it is still cheaper than buying a much more expensive water bottle. While this con may affect the way some people see the Hydro Flask, I feel that the pros will still outweigh the cons. Another pro about the Hydro Flask is that it is priced fairly compared to larger brand name water bottles, like the yeti. My 40 ounce bottle only cost me about thirty dollars and I have had it for over four years.

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