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Once again, our dear friend Lucie Ayres from 22 Interiors joins the blog for some designing and styling tips. I love her work and styling, so don’t just read the post for advice…. follow her on instagram to see her Californian digs and designs. Thanks, Lucie!



The finishing touches are what make a room feel designed or not. One of 22 Interiors FAVORITE things to do is style bookshelves and coffee tables. We love discovering what clients already have, adding to it, and finalizing a curated look that works for them….We recently went to a client’s house to do some bookshelf and coffee table styling as part of our design service. Our client already had put some objects up on the shelves along with some books. This is what it looked like:






The process:

The process involved us removing books and whatever objects off the shelves. We made a choice to remove all turquoise bookends or vases because the color felt too competitive with our blue walls (the paint is a new 22 Interiors favorite- Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue). We sorted through the books, doing some color coordination of the red and blue spines. Rest were either put in the black or cream pile. These books were placed strategically next to any object or books we wanted to pop (red books, white frames, etc.)





We also added more hardcover books, some objects, and a marble clock as well as new, more modern picture frames. The idea was to not over do the shelves but to leave room for our book loving clients to purchase more over time and add to their library.


The result:


Bright and cheery.


Next up – their family room coffee table – this is a HUGE table, meant to really anchor the room. The perfect size for a big family game night as well. But until then, we need to add some items stat. (note, this room still needs a rug and some pillows – not done yet!).





Before. Plain Jane.


What we did – and the trick to any coffee table styling is LESS IS MORE. Guests as well as you need room for your drinks, snacks, and feet (if that’s allowed in your house of course). A handful of FAB books (including at least one really bright colored book) always do the trick. Add a few simple objects and always a tray and you’re good to go.




Perfectly styled. Oh so simple.


So much to look at.

close up.

Beautiful close up or far away.


For more information or questions, feel free to reach out to Lucie of 22 Interiors. Lucie@22Interiors.com


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