Vintage Denim Jacket

As of a few months ago, I had not bought something at a vintage store since High School (when I was a regular at our local Goodwill to buy denim). Fast forward to this spring when I was on a mad and unsuccessful hunt for the perfect denim jacket.  I was looking for something perfectly weathered / cropped / and that fit like a glove.  Wherever I looked or asked for help, I had no luck. Then, at the recommendation from a stylish friend, I went to 9th Street Vintage, and bought my new favorite piece of clothing, a vintage denim jacket.


This jacket is from the 30s! How cool is that! Almost 90 years old — and so supers stylish and cool. GAWD I love it.

One pocket.

Check out the back.

The pleats!

The details!

The perfect cropped and weathered denim jacket.

Officially in love.


If you are in the market for anything vintage or denim of any sort (and near NYC), be sure to go to 9th Street Vintage in the East Village of NYC and check it all out. The owners are so cute and helpful and their selection is unbelievable — I walked away with so many goodies, but my personal favorite is this jacket. To read more about denim jackets, go here and here.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. This has inspired me to find a denim jacket of my own! Love the cropped fit.

  2. Super cute and fits you perfectly. Nothing better than a vintage find. I recently used my dad’s old & over-sized denim jacket & cut the sleeves off. Looks very rugged chic. Someone asked me if it was from Zara…

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