Indian Wedding – Part 2 – The Details

Hello! I am back from a whirlwind 4 day trip to India. Currently, I don’t know the difference between up and down, India vs. USA, where I am, and what time zone I am in, but HEY, all worth it. It was a *once in a lifetime* trip and I am so glad that I went and experienced it all. I am sure I am going to have a serious whoop-a$$-kicking-week with work / kids / life / reality, but all worth it….YOLO (you only live once). Here are some pictures of my trip — sorry in advance for the number — I couldn’t help myself!


We arrived at 12 am Monday night — basically Tuesday morning. And had to wake up and drive 5 hours to the wedding site, which was located in Rajasthan. This is a picture of us on the roadside on our way to the wedding. We saw monkeys on the side of the freeway and couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.

As soon as I arrived, I went on the roof deck and lounged and read my book (I read two books during our time there).

This is the Fort Bishangarh that we stayed in. It is an old war fort, which is now an incredible hotel. It is located in Bishangarh, about an hour north of Jaipur.

Our hotel room. Doesn’t it scream INDIA? Good thing it is in India.

The first activity of the wedding week was the Mehndi party — which is where the bride and the women get henna on their bodies. It was located at the base of the fort at the swimming pool. The time of the event said 1 pm, so we were there at 1 pm sharp. We soon learned that Indians always add 2 hours to the start time, so we were the only people there until 3 pm….LITERALLY.

Our beautiful friend, the bride, Devanshi. She is always gorgeous, but over the wedding week, she looked even more spectacular. Here she is getting her henna, which took hours. Brides get henna up to their elbows and then all over their feet. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER HEADPIECE? I want to rock that…..

At every event, there was a lot of dancing.

At the hotel, a little place to lounge and read. Not that I had any time to read other than the first day, but it *looked* like a great place to read.

We ate Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here is my plate for one of the events.

For the night party, we were asked to wear Indian attire, so here I am in one of the saris. Note that I am wearing a bindi that matches my outfit…gotta love the Indians and their accessories.

On Day 2 of the wedding, there was a turmeric ceremony where the bride gets blessed from all the ladies and men on her side. Here I am rubbing a turmeric paste all over her body.

Night 2 of the wedding was the actual ceremony. Men on the women’s side had to wear yellow turbans, and men on the man’s side wore pink turbans. We all walked down from the fort to the lawn for the ceremony.

The village children loved watching everyone. As did I. How could you not?

Here I am in the most beautiful sari borrowed from my friend, Sana. I still gasp at its beauty — all hand-beaded, sewn, truly a work of art.

The bride at her ceremony. Everything about her is gorgeous — the jewels, her sari, the whole ensemble.

Congrats Himanshu and Devanshi!

Looking up at the fort. Magic.


So these photos summarize day 1 and day 2 of the trip. We left at 6 am on Thursday morning to visit Taj Mahal and then had Friday in Delhi and I left early Saturday morning! Next post will be pictures from the Taj Mahal — and then back to regular posts of NON Indian events!  Thanks for tuning in and letting me share these photos with you all.  Such a special experience.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love all of the intricate details and how beautiful and grand everyone/everything looks. I hope to experience an Indian wedding someday. Too bad all weddings don’t have multiple events over a few days.Glad you had an awesome trip!

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