Indian Wedding – Part 1

Hello from India!  Ken and I have had a whirlwind week, flying to India to celebrate the wedding of our friends.  For a number of reasons, (spotty wi-fi, severe jet lag, a packed schedule, #DelhiBelly), I won’t be able to post in detail until I get back to New York on Saturday (solo.. eeks… Ken is meeting with potential suppliers here and then flying on to Manila), but here are some quick pics of our wedding outfits in the meantime.. Enjoy!


There were a lot of parties. This was the first party on Day 1. Some people were in Indian outfits, others were in dresses. I decided to wear a top and skirt that looked both Indian and American — I love the color and the fit.

Night 1, Indian attire. I am in a full beaded sari that was super beautiful and very heavy. Ken looks handsome in his black Indian long shirt. Both of us were very fortunate to have Indian / Pakistani friends that lent us clothes — not sure what we would have done without them!

This is the wedding ceremony night where we were told to wear “Indian Formal in Pastel Colors.” This sari was lent to me by my dear and gorgeous friend who has the best taste. The sari is designed by a well known Indian designer, and sure enough, everyone knew who it was just by looking at me. I felt extremely fortunate to wear this outfit as it is truly a piece of beauty. Thank you, Sana!


Tonight, we have our last wedding celebration — the reception in Delhi. And then, back to NYC after a long day of travel. I can’t wait to share more of the pictures and stories from our YOLO trip. Stay tuned!


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