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One of the random things I love about the New Year is having new calendars. I am still old school and carry around a calendar planner in my purse (along with an electronic copy on my phone / computer). I also have a pretty calendar displayed on my desk. For the past 2 years, my “pretty desk” calendar has been created and illustrated by the childhood best friend of my sister, Carrie Pinkstaff.


Carrie groups the months by seasons and has pretty, whimsical and fun pictures to go along. Last year, the seasons had a floral theme.





And this year, she has homes typical of Portland, Oregon, where she lives. I love the vibe of the neighborhoods she shows — very true to the Pacific Northwest.






Not only do they brighten your desk, but they also make a great present. Actually, my little sister gifted me the calendar last year and now I am hooked. I also love supporting local (to the PNW) artists and up and coming artists and illustrators.


Desk selfie.

The size of the calendar — nice and large. Looks good on the desk or hung up on a wall somewhere.


So if you are interested in buying this calendar ($24), go to Carrie’s etsy shop here. And for her website, go here. Thank you, Carrie, we love your work!

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  1. I am 100% old school with my calendars too. It is kind of nice. These are cute!

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