Marathon Packing- Chicago Here I Come!

Tomorrow, I leave for Chicago for my marathon weekend. This time, I am going totally solo and will fly, run, and stay COMPLETELY alone. I am not sure what I am more nervous about; the 26.2 miles on Sunday, or the fact that I will be alone for 36 hours (I am not good alone for long periods of time). I know I have a bajillion friends and family to call, and I am actually staying at a runner friend’s extra apartment (I met her when running the 2015 Paris Marathon and stayed with her at the Chicago 2015 Marathon — and yes, that is only after meeting her once while running… runners are AWESOME), BUT BUT BUT, who am I going to wake up in the middle of the night to tell them I am nervous????? MY BABERS WILL NOT BE THERE TO TELL ME TO GO BACK TO SLEEP AND NOT TO WORRY. ***GULP**** In any case, I am packed and ready to go on my adventure. And here is what I packed.


This is of me, two years ago, eating dinner before the marathon. I am planning on eating there AGAIN. So cute and good. I look tired, because heck, I was most likely tired. And I probably look even worse now. ALSO, please note my red nail polish. It is a belief of mine to always have my nails painted BRIGHT red before marathons (mind you, my nails are almost painted red year round, but especially right before marathons), because my sister, Courtney, told me that it is a good reminder to “run like fire.” And so red nails, it is.

Two years ago for the Chicago marathon, my biffle came in from San Francisco and surprised me with pictures of my head on sticks. So we brought them out this past weekend and the kids loved them…..this year, no one will be in the crowd cheering me on specifically, but I do know that everyone near and far will be supporting me, and that makes a huge difference.


Believe it or not, there is a lot of care and thought that goes in to packing for a marathon — you have to pack the right clothes, nutrition, etc…


First off, nutrition. I use Generation UCan — I drink it before the race and at my first stop for calories. I love it and swear by it — but it is hard to carry in a carry on….so….

I measured out four scoops. I hope that TSA doesn’t think it is a drug and confiscate it. I would definitely have a panic attack if they did.

Throw aways — you have to get to the marathon course before you start (sounds like a stupid sentence, but….) and it will most likely be cold and not fun to be in your running clothes. So I always have a throw away sweatshirt. IN this case, BYE Marfa sweatshirt. You were real, and I loved you while I had you, but time to let you go. I am also taking a Paris Marathon Rain Poncho — just in case it rains the morning of (you never know the weather conditions until day of….)

This is my whole running ensemble for marathon day. Nutrition, shirt, pants, etc…

The only leggings I wear are these Track and Field leggings — thanks to good friend, Jaimee, who first bought them for me for my birthday years ago, and sure enough, she was right, and I love them. So now, I wear them exclusively. I also brought a pair of their running shorts, just in case I decide it is warm enough to wear shorts (we wear short shorts — and these are TIGHT bootie shorts).

Depending on my mood, I will choose the pink or puprle. Only socks I wear.

A great friend, Michelle, surprised me with a Jimmy Choo clutch, filled with running goodies — body glide, gus, gum, and so much more. Such a thoughtful present. So I am bringing the clutch and stuffing my running supplies in it.

I always pack everything in cubes. So I have a cube with my running stuff, and another cube with my dinner clothes, and my post marathon clothes. All ready to go!

Since I am going straight from the airport to the expo (to pick up my number), I don’t want to have a suitcase, so instead BACKPACK here we are!!!! And yes, already packed and ready to roll!


So now I just have to remember, my running shoes *better not forget those suckers* and my toiletries. I don’t think I need anything else because I am literally going there to run, and hopping on a plane the next day. Crazy? Maybe, but so looking forward to this challenge and adventure. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right????


So here goes nothing. Or rather, HERE GOES EVERYTHING. I’ve got this. Thanks for all your love and support. And see you on the other side….xoxo

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. You are super organized. I think i need to get myself some packing cubes too.

    Best of luck this weekend!!!

    P.S. I would totally bring sock options. It does matter your mood 🙂

  2. What an awesome backpack! I love it!
    I am also not good with traveling alone but it is sometimes good for us to get some “me” time in! Enjoy every moment and best of luck!

  3. Is that a Pendelton backpack? Like mother like daughter… I notice that you have Nick Symmonds’ product (“run”) for which he got in a lot of hot water with USOC… Apparently Brianne Theisen-Eaton (the Canadian heptathlete) is running Boston with you. (Both, and of course Ashton Eaton are athletes from Oregon). Go Yaelita!

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