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Happy September, happy back to real life! I hope everyone settles in to the fall with ease and peace despite the craze and chaos it tends to bring. I know that I am trying to take one day at a time; better yet, hour to hour. I am not sure how summer disappeared as fast as it did, but I’m happy we created fond and wonderful memories that will forever be in our hearts! That said, here is what I am currently loving!


1. Slides. Yes, I know, shower slides from the 1990s are finally back in. I have been a fan of them the past two summers and have worn them non-stop. I love that they are easy, and go with everything. Although not practical for urban daily city life, I plan on wearing them once again NEXT summer, too. Thank god they are finally in fashion — last year I got a lot of weird looks.


Shower slides.

Shower slides. With no shower.

Who doesn't love stripes?

Who doesn’t love stripes?


2. Black Truffle Mustard. I am a huge fan of mustard *and* truffles, so put them together and it is the perfect combination. Plus it is made in my motherland of the Pacific Northwest, so I knew I would like it. It is great on sandwiches, in salad dressings, or added to dips. Really, you can’t go wrong, so you might as well put it on anything and everything.


yes, please.

yes, please.



Love the hashtag.

Eat boldly, ok!


3. McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil. This is not any olive oil… it is top of the notch quality gold. Discovered at my biffle’s house (who always has the best of the best), she swears by it in salads or toppings. And it really is magnificent. A must get for a hostess present or a little pick me up for your life!


Worth the extra effort in purchasing this.

Worth the extra effort.

About the company.

From California with love and certified organicness.


4. Option B. This book is not just about death, rather, how to face adversity, find joy, and make the most of life. I have truly enjoyed every word of it and want to re-read it each year to remind myself of these life lessons. A must read.


I keep on thinking about this book, so good and inspiration regardless if you have had a loss or not.

I keep on thinking about this book. So inspiring regardless of whether or not you have suffered a loss.


Sheryl Sandberg — one incredibly talented woman.


5. Foals – Late Night remix. Yes, a song that is a little odd, a little spooky, but so so so good. All I want to do is have a dance party and listen to this on repeat. Or run 26.2 miles with it blaring in my headphones. SO SO good.


Deep house. Yes, I am a fan of house music and all electronic music. It is actually my favorite genre of music. Even more than top 40 pop. And this song is so good.

Deep house. Yes, I am a fan of house music and all electronic music. It is actually my favorite genre of music. Even more than top 40 pop. And this song is so good.



What are you loving this month? Do share! Good luck with the start of Fall — I know what a manic and crazy time it tends to be.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Mustard and mustard seeds have been a must have for me this summer, I must try the black truffle mustard! This summer I have been obsessed with my reflexology slide-ons. Even though they may not be as trendy as yours, they feel amazing on my feet after a long day at work!

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